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Resist Salt

NAME Meta Nitro Benzene Sodium Sulphonate
CHEMICAL NAMES : Sodium Meta Nitro Benzene Sulphonate,
Meta Nitro Benzene Sulphonic Acid,
Sodium Salt,
Resist Salt
USES : It is a principal dye intermediate for the synthesis of Amino Anthraquinone, which is a dye intermediate.

Mainly used as resistant and relative purity protective agent of dyes intermediate and vulcanisation dye; and widely used in shipping industry, perfume industry, electroplate industry, analytical chemistry, etc.
Properties: White crystal, powder or granules, soluble in water and alcohol.

Metanilic Acid

NAME Metanilic Acid
USES Intermediate for :
  • 1. Meta Amino Phenol ( Pharmaceutical Intermediates )
  • 2. Diethyl-Meta Amino Phenol ( Intermediate for basic Rhodamine 500%)
  • 3. Optical Brighteners
  • 4. Fluorescent White Agents.
  • 5. Direct, Acid, Reactive and Vat Dyes.

Oxalic Acid

Name :Oxalic Acid ( De - Hydrated ) or Ethanedioc Acid
Physical Appearance :White Crystalline Powder

Oxalic Acid can be used;

  • as analytical reagent
    • in calico printing and dyeing
    • for bleaching straw (hats) and leather
    • removing pain or varnish
    • rust or ink stain
    • cleaning wood
    • manufacturing of oxalates
    • blue ink
    • celluloid
    • intermediates and dyes
    • in metal polishes
    • in indigo dyeing
    • in purifying methanol
    • for decolorizing crude glycerol
    • for stabilizing hydrocyanic acid
  • As a general reducing agent
    • in ceramics and pigments
    • in metallurgy as cleanser
    • in the paper industry
    • in photography
    • in process engraving
    • in the rubber mfg Industry
    • in making glucose from starch
  • as condensing agent
    • in organic chemistry
    • manufacturing of Sulpha Drugs
    •  etc.
VET USE : An aq soln containing 5 % oxalic Acid and 5 % malonic acid is extensively used as a hemostatic agent. The material Confirms to Oxalic Acid is IS - 501 - 1976
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