MAHESH (INDIA) : Gum Ghatti


Following are some of the applications of Gum Ghatti:
  • As an emulsifier and stabilizer in beverages and butter containing table syrups.
  • As a flavour fixative for specific applications.
  • Used in the preparation of powdered, stable, oil-soluble vitamins.
  • As a binder in long-fibered light weight papers.
  • As an emulsifier of petroleum and non petroleum waxes to form liquid and wax paste emulsions.
  • Used in combination with polyacrylamide to aid in the polymerization and formation of uniform and discrete prills of cross-linked polystrene.
  • Used as drilling mud conditioner and the acidizing of oil wells.
  • Used in powdered explosives to improve resistance to water damage.

Grades of Gum Ghatti

Gum Ghatti

We offer different grades of Ghatti to suit different applications. The grades vary from one another in terms of colour, solubility, viscosity, BFOM and total ash content. We offer 3 main grades which are as follows:

  • Gum Ghatti Grade A
  • Gum Ghatti Grade B
  • Gum Ghatti Grade C