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Y001 YELLOW 42 - 45°C In Cosmetics (Vaseline), Rubber Industries (Hawai Chappal),
Pharmaceuticals (Skin Ointment & Balm).
Y002 YELLOW 48 - 52°C In Cosmetics (Vaseline), Rubber Industries (Hawai Chappal),
Pharmaceuticals (Skin Ointment & Balm).
W001 WHITE 42 - 45°C In Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Printing Ink & Tobacco.
W002 WHITE 48 - 52°C In Pharmaceuticals.
SW01 SNOW WHITE 42 - 45°C In Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals.
SW02 SNOW WHITE 48 - 52°C In Pharmaceuticals.


CATEGORY Pharmaceuticals Aid
DESCRIPTION White translucent soft mass. Unctuous to the touch and retaining these characters on storage and when melted and allowed to cool without stirring, not more than slightly fluorescent by daylight even when melted. Odorless when rubbed on the skin.
SOLUBILITY Insoluble in Water and Alcohol. Soluble in Chloroform, Solvent Ether and Light Petroleum (boiling range 40°C to 60°C). The solutions sometimes showing a slight opalescence.
STANDARDS White Soft Paraffin is a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocar-bons obtained from Petroleum and Bleached.
MELTING RANGE Between 42°C to 47°C
LIGHT ABSORPTION < 0.5 (Extinction of a 1 Cm. layer of a 0.05% w/v solution in is octane at 290 mm.)
FIXED OILS, FATS AND ROSIN Passes (Digest 10 g with 50 ml of Sodium Hydroxide solution at 100°C for thirty minutes and allow the aqueous layer to separate on acidifying the aqueous layer with dilute Sulphuric Acid no precipitate of oily matter is observed )
ACIDITY OR ALKALINITY Passes (Boil 5 g with 10 ml of alcohol previously neutralized to litmus solution the suspension is neutral to litmus solution.)
FOREIGN ORGANIC MATTER Passes (Volatilises when heated without emitting an acid odor)
SULPHATED ASH < 0.1% (Weight accurately about 0.3 g and gently boil with 150 ml of Water and 100 ml of Sodium Hydroxide solution for six hours in an ammonia distillating apparatus collecting and distillate in 40 ml of a 4.0% w/v solution of boric acid. Increase the temperature and distile about 200 ml cool add 75 ml of water distil a further 70 ml into the same receive and titrate with 0.1 N hydrochloric acid using methyl red solution as indicator. Repeat the operation without the substance being examined the difference between the titrations represent the acid require to neutralize the Methylamine formed from the Paramethadione each ml of 0.1 N hydrochloric acid is equivalent to 0.01572 g of CH11 NO3)
CONSISTENCY Between 120 to 170 in Standard Appratus at 25°C.
PACKING 165 kg. Packed in Open Mouth M.S. Barrel with Pastic Liner Inside.
STORAGE ADVICE Keep in Cool and Dry Place. Keep away from Direct Sunlight.
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